2014-03mar-17th-nithyananda-diary-haridwar_MG_7322-20140316-215159nithya-satsang-swamijiLive Daily Nithya Satsangs

with Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Every evening at 9:30 pm EDT / 8:30 pm EST via 2-way video conferencing (Nayana Deeksha) at New York Varanasi Temple

Nayana Deeksha means, “initiation by sight”.  When the Divine sees you, all the blessings are showered upon you. When a Divine Incarnation lands on Planet Earth with a mission to bring enlightenment to humanity, He uses all possible means to connect to the whole world, in the way the world will understand.  In this cyber age, Paramahamsa Nithyananda makes use of the latest technology of Internet videoconferencing to connect in real time with thousands of people around the globe to share the sacred secrets and experience of enlightenment!

“When you see the divine, you ask what you think is best for you; when the divine sees you, the whole Cosmos gives you what it knows is best for you.”  ~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Occasionally the temple may not be open for Nithya Satsang, therefore please Contact us before coming.

Nithya Satsangs can also be watched live 1-way from your computer, tablet or mobile device at www.nithyananda.tv.