FounderPagePhotoHis Holiness, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, recognized today as a clear, legitimate, apolitical voice of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, is revered as a living incarnation of super-consciousness by millions worldwide.  He is a Maha Mandaleshwar (spiritual head) of Mahanirvani Peeth, the most ancient apex body of Hinduism.  He is the most watched spiritual teacher on YouTube with over 16 million views and the author of more than 300 books published in over 20 languages.  His talks are watched live every day on http://www.Nithyananda.TV, as well as on multiple international television channels and via video conferencing.  Paramahamsa Nithyananda is also a powerful spiritual healer and adept who has successfully demystified yogic sciences like Kundalini Awakening, levitation, materialization, anti-aging, and going beyond food.

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The Essence of Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s Teachings:


  1. Integrity is you fulfilling the word and thought you give to yourself and to others and experiencing a state of Poornatva – completion with yourself and with life.
  2. Authenticity is you being established in the peak of your capability and responding to life from who you perceive yourself to be for yourself, who you project yourself to be for others, how you view life and others and, what others expect you to be for them.
  3. Responsibility: Living and responding to life from the truth that you are the source of, and therefore, you are responsible for all happenings in and around you.
  4. Enriching – Is you taking responsibility with integrity and authenticity that you are committed to continuously enriching, which is expanding yourself and  life in and around you.



Completion is the state when you are totally connected with the flow of life without having any barrier of past moments as a hangover in you, coming between you and your experience of life.  When you are in Completion you are participating in life in totality and live conflict-free.

Instructions for Completion (Swapoornatva Kriya Process):

  1. Sit in a comfortable position facing a mirror.  Please understand that the person in the mirror is the incomplete half of you.  So when you complete with the person in the mirror, you restore completion to the person in the mirror and inside you as well.
  2. Connect with the person in the mirror.
  3. Look directly into the eyes of the person in the mirror.
  4. Contemplate on incidents/situations in your life where you experience low level energy emotions such as anger, guilt, frustration, agitation with yourself (incompletion in some form) from those incidents/situations – in the present moment.
  5. Now take responsibility for liberating yourself from this incompletion that you have kept alive for yourself.
  6. Re-live and relieve those incidents/situations and talk aloud with the person in the mirror.
  7. Repeat re-living and relieving the incidents/situations and continue talking again and again till you experience being free of the low level emotions inside you.  It is important that you not just relive, but you relieve yourself of your incompletions.  If you do not relieve, you will simply be brooding over your incompletions.  

Do the Completion process every night before bed for at least 21 minutes. Also repeat each time you are stuck with low level emotions related to yourself.