Inner Awakening Testimonials

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“Inner Awakening is hands down THE MOST fun and transformative mediation and yoga retreat available on planet Earth! At my first Inner Awakening in 2012, so much anxiety and restlessness was removed from my inner space.  Situations that before would bring me emotional turmoil stopped affecting me. I stopped getting stressed and can handle a heavy workload with ease. I can relate with people better, exude more compassion to others and relationships improved drastically. Through the kundalini awakening, I have so much more energy and need less sleep and have become so healthy and hardly ever get sick. But most importantly, I was awakened to the connection of the true source of bliss from within! At my second IA in 2013, I was cleansed of many low mood and depressive patterns and came back with the experience and knowledge to overcome any conflict in life and be successful. Powers of prayer, visualization and connection with the divine cosmic energy were awakened in me. I feel more connected with people around me because I feel people are an extension of me. Inner Awakening is like to other meditation retreat out there and the benefits are far greater than one can ever imagine! Join in and get ready for the ride of your life!”  ~ Alicia, Astoria, NY


“Inner awakening is an amazing, rich, and very needed gift that is available to anyone on the planet who wants to receive it. That in itself is mind-blowing. The transformation I experienced was immediate but now, a month later, I still feel Inner Awakening energy is working on me. All good things that I liked about myself and life stayed and the major limitations, fears left my system and interestingly small ones are still saying good-bye!  During IA it feels like you are under a very powerful cosmic shower that leaves you smiling and in bliss and I never felt the same way as I felt before IA. IA is carefully planned through program but it is spontaneous at the same time.  All aspects of this program bring out the best parts of a person out. I would say to every person only one thing: Please don’t wait!”  ~ Elena, New York, NY


“The Inner Awakening program helped me to find a new pair of eyes, a new life, a new understanding and a new being.  I am a business owner in NYC and all my life thought making money and wealth is the main purpose of life.  I was proven wrong when I started following Swami Nithyananda. Money and wealth is just the by-product or lubricant of life itself.  Life is meant to be lived as a celebration…join in!  ~ Jodhan, South Ozone Park, NY


“As a result of attending Inner Awakening, I have a sense of inner peace that I have never before experienced.  I consider Swamiji to be my healing coach.  Based on my personal experience, the connection that one develops with Swamiji is a major component in healing oneself.  Since I have returned from IA, I have spent many, many hours writing my incompletions.   By making this healing process part of my daily ritual, I have been able to release many negative thoughts and traumatic experiences that have crippled my emotional existence.  It’s impossible to quantify with money what the IA experience truly symbolizes.   If you’re willing to open your heart and soul to a higher power and also be motivated to evolve as a human being, then your life and all future lifetimes will be significantly altered in the most profound manner.”  ~ John, New York, NY


“I took Inner Awakening as a recent college graduate. I felt there was something more to life than just making money, having fun, and just trying to be happy. When I took Inner Awakening with Swamiji, I finally got awakened with the right understanding of who I am and what direction my life really needs to be going in. This is a priceless experience for everyone who is looking to wake up beyond an ordinary existence in “the Matrix” and see who they really are. Highly recommended.”  ~ Paul, New York, NY


“During Inner Awakening I was experiencing for the very first time pure joy & contentment.  I was feeling that my life is a celebration  & the reason for my joy & contentment was Swamiji’s love & compassion … holding me in his inner space!”  ~ Prabhananda, Richmond Hill, NY