Life Bliss Program Level 2 ~ Nithya Kriya Yoga


A BRAND NEW Weekend Meditation Program Conducted by Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Want to go beyond your current limitations?

Whatever you want in life,…Health, Success or even Enlightenment…you can get it only when you treat the entire being – not just parts of you. 

You need a way to understand all the dimensions of human existence, clean all the layers that hide the true you, and find every corner where limitations can hide!

Here’s some good news…

There is a BRAND NEW meditation program personally conducted by H.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda!  In this workshop, he will reveal:

Five (5) layers or Koshas or human existence

5 compelling sessions to peel away layers of your false & self-limiting beliefs

So that you can realize the true joy, fulfillment, and potential you have inside

Experience powerful healing and completion as Nithyananda takes you on a step-by-step journey through cleansing the “5 Koshas”, (energy layers of the body) as described from time immemorial in various ancient Vedic texts and yogic scriptures!

Benefits of cleaning the Koshas:

  • Going beyond all fears, especially the fear of death
  • Gaining clarity of purpose and aligning our desires
  • Healing of negativity, pain and suffering
  • Feel excitement and enthusiasm for life
  • Feel the love & belonging with the cosmos
  • Feel complete healing, rejuvenation and new hope for greater achievements!

If you are interested in attending and / or need assitance clearing obstacles such as money or time, please CLICK HERE for Pre-Registration.


When: August 14th – 16th, 2015

(Friday – Sunday evenings)

8:30 pm – 2:00 am

5 Northeast Locations:

1.) Manhattan, NY:  Ph: (917) 226-1502

1133 Broadway @ 26th St. Ste. 1023, New York, NY

2.) Queens, NY:  Ph: (917) 373-6997

NY Varanasi Temple, 117-05 115th Ave. South Ozone Park, NY

3.) Morris Plains, NJ:  Ph: (201) 486-8205

61 Brooklawn Drive, Morris Plains, NJ

4.) Port Washington, NY:  Ph: (347) 683-0591

54 Longview Road, Port Washington, NY

5.) Lincroft, NJ:  Ph: (732) 291-5096

3 Hilltop Circle, Lincroft. NJ



Cost: $250

(vegetarian dinners included) 


If you have any doubts and want some more clarity about how this program can help you, please feel free to contact us at at (516) 526-2800 or at

Forward it to your friends & family and experience the awakening of your peak potential together!