Anybody who wants to manifest anything in their life, this session is for them. If you want wealth, if you want health, if you want attend Inner Awakening or MahaSadashivoham, this session is for you. This science was taught by MahaSadashiva Himself to Devi and has been recorded in Shiva Aagama. This science has now been revived and re-introduced to the modern world by H.H. The Living Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda!

  • In this session, Acharya works with the participants personally to identify their blindspots and see why he/she is not able to manifest what they want in their life!
  • This is not lecture where you will come listen, take notes and leave! It is more of a process where you will be shared references from Shastras (Shastra pramana), Swamiji’s words (Apta Pramana), Acharya’s experience(Atma pramana) and do few exercises and leave with experience and understanding(Sakshi pramana).
  • This process is nothing but a way to harness the power of your reality by making you harness the power of your words, power of your thoughts, power of your actions, power of your life.  

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