Completion is the state when you are totally connected with the flow of life without having any barrier of past moments as a hangover in you, coming between you and your experience of life.  When you are in Completion you are participating in life in totality and live conflict-free.

Instructions for Completion (Swapoornatva Kriya Process):

  1. Sit in a comfortable position facing a mirror.  Please understand that the person in the mirror is the incomplete half of you.  So when you complete with the person in the mirror, you restore completion to the person in the mirror and inside you as well.
  2. Connect with the person in the mirror.
  3. Look directly into the eyes of the person in the mirror.
  4. Contemplate on incidents/situations in your life where you experience low level energy emotions such as anger, guilt, frustration, agitation with yourself (incompletion in some form) from those incidents/situations – in the present moment.
  5. Now take responsibility for liberating yourself from this incompletion that you have kept alive for yourself.
  6. Re-live and relieve those incidents/situations and talk aloud with the person in the mirror.
  7. Repeat re-living and relieving the incidents/situations and continue talking again and again till you experience being free of the low level emotions inside you.  It is important that you not just relive, but you relieve yourself of your incompletions.  If you do not relieve, you will simply be brooding over your incompletions.  

Do the Completion process every night before bed for at least 21 minutes. Also repeat each time you are stuck with low level emotions related to yourself.

Life Bliss Meditation (Nithya Dhyaan)

A simple 30 minute meditation designed for anyone (beginners to advanced), which works to create a space of perpetual happiness in you.  Create and experience clarity of mind, inner balance, vibrant health and stress free life through a daily practice of this joyful meditation.  In this video, Paramahamsa Nithyananda walks you through each step.


Kalpataru Meditation

Kalpataru is the ability to cause what you want as reality.  Through this mediation you will create a space of possibility to fulfill your desires.  Kalpataru is the science of rewriting your future!  In this video, Swamiji reveals deeper truths of the Kalpataru process.

Kalpataru Meditation Instructions:

  1. Pen down one thought you want to cause as a reality.  It can be related to anything – health, wealth, relationships, career, spirituality, etc.
  2. Now pen down all the incompletions – doubts, fears, impossibilities you have related to this desire coming true in your life.
  3. Next make a conscious decision to complete with all of these thoughts preventing you from having what you desire.  Disassociate yourself from these incompletions completely.
  4. Finally, sit comfortably with closed eyes for 21 minutes visualizing and focusing intensely that your desire has already come true and that you are experiencing it happening now.  Feel and experience that your desire has come true with your whole being.

eN-Kriya is an enlightening meditative process aimed at individual transformation that leads to increased consciousness at a societal level. At the individual level, one experiences physical health and healing, emotional well-being, spiritual ripening through kundalini awakening. When individuals with such spiritual awakening gather together, they create the eN-effect or coherence of cosmic consciousness, also called as collective consciousness. This further leads to tangible results at social level that include global peace, reduced crime rate and increased conscious and holistic living.

Introduction to eN-Kriya


Guided eN-Kriya Process


Nithya Kriyas – Care and Cure for Diseases and Disorders

Nithya Kriyas are a series of healing yogic processes, drawn from the most authentic sacred yogic scriptures of India, while the specific combinations are expressed from the personal experience of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Nithya Kriyas combine asanas (yogic postures), pranayamas and kumbhakas (breathing techniques), visualizations, mantras (internal verbalization), chanting (external verbalizations).  When put together in specific combinations, they remove energy blockages in the body and restore energy flow, resulting in healing and removal of diseases and disorders.  This video explains the science behind Nithya Kriyas.

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